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Our Process

Our team has the skillset to undertake any size project, whether its a small 3 m extension or a 5,0000 m²  house. No matter which stage you are in the home improvement process, we can help. Our architects can design and render your internal layouts in 2D (and 3D if required) and take care of all local authority planning applications for you, including: building regulation drawings, structural steel calculations, and party wall agreements


Unlike other building companies, interior design underpins our entire company. We look at your project through the lens of an interior designer first and foremost and that's where we start. 

Following our initial meeting we will send you an estimate. the price we quote includes everything you require: plans, design, interior design, building, etc.

If you are happy with the estimate we then have a secondary meeting to refine the specifications and final price. Once signed off we move onto the design process


Our staff consist of highly trained and professional individuals with an eye for detail who love their job. We have dedicated professionals from electricians to builders, plumbers to roofers. All our projects are fully project managed right from initial conception through to completion. We make sure you are always in contact with your project manager via phone or email.


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